Why you need Salesforce-Resco Implementation partner

Imagine you work with a non-profit organisation that already has Salesforce Non-Profit Success Pack and has selected Resco to support its offline capability need. You have a small team that provides the day-day IT support your organisation needs and a team member suggested bringing a Salesforce-Resco partner onboard. You are now evaluating why you need a Salesforce-Resco implementation partner for your project. Let me take you through reasons you should include in your consideration.

A Salesforce-Resco implementation partner brings expert knowledge, skills set and a wealth of experience to your project implementation.

Expert knowledge and skill sets: It takes time and effort to acquire, develop, retain and build up product/domain knowledge and expertise to a professional level. In 1956, Benjamin Bloom created a taxonomy of knowledge consisting of 6 levels: remembering, comprehension, application, analysing, synthesising and evaluation. Salient knowledge and expertise most often come with experience – an iterative and reflective process of the 6 levels of knowledge. You will need an accredited partner with demonstrable knowledge and skill at all levels, who also has a proven track record of successful Salesforce and Resco implementations.

Past project experience: Sages have thought us to learn from the experiences – and mistakes – of others; and to incorporate and apply lessons learnt where relevant. A Salesforce-Resco implementation partner brings a wealth of experience and with that comes lessons learnt. Not only is it wise, but it is also cost effective to have one on board. A good implementation partner will make sure your solution is technically sound.

These attributes ensure that your implementation succeeds. Having a successful implementation hinges on effectiveness and efficiency of execution, and maximising your return on investment:

Quicker Implementation: Instead of taking your staff away from their regular roles to try to learn a new system, its language and tool set, leverage the knowledge of your implementation partner and get your implementation rolled out quickly. Your partner can then provide the necessary training your staff needs to hit the ground running, so that you can focus on your business.

Get it right first time: There are different phases to an implementation: planning, workshops, design, execution, testing, deployment and adoption. A successful implementation requires every step outlined to be successful. Getting it wrong at the initial phases will have negative repercussions on the entire project; getting it wrong at the later phases will diminish and undermine the gains already achieved earlier on. Getting any of these steps wrong can have a significant detrimental effect to your programme and ultimately your business. You are more likely to get it right the first time with an implementation partner than without.

Fit for business: implementing a versatile tool like Resco means that there isn’t a general ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Your business will have its unique processes and ensuring that your Resco implementation is adapted to fit and support your processes is paramount. A good implementation partner will be able to advise and ensure that your Resco solution is tailored to meet your business needs.

Reduce risk exposure: Unless you have a resident team of experts with experience implementing Resco, attempting to undertake an implementation without a team of expert or an implementation partner exposes your organisation to a number of risks, such as inefficient or ineffective implementation, low user adoption, loss of revenue, and ultimately lower ROI. Having a good implementation partner will avoid or reduce the chances of exposure to these risks.

At the heart of the matter, an implementation partner will ensure you maximise your return on investment. Organisations have different ways and formulas of calculating their return on investment, but the same principle – of producing more than it costs – applies. A successful Salesforce-Resco implementation, configuration, and deployment can have a dramatic effect on your returns – and how quickly you realise them. A quick implementation (efficient), that is right the first time, fulfils your business requirement (effective) and ultimately ensure that you maximise the return on investment (ROI).

Necessidad Consulting is a Resco and Salesforce implementation consultancy based in London, United Kingdom. We are a Registered Salesforce Partner and Resco Professional partner. We offer Resco for Salesforce implementation services specifically for Non-Profit and SME organisations. We also offer Salesforce implementation services for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Salesforce NPSP and custom application configurations.

If you are considering implementing Resco for Salesforce, or already have a Salesforce org that requires configuration, contact us.

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