Serve Customers on Every Channel With Salesforce

serve customers on every channel with Salesforce

Providing excellent customer support is important to every business. But supporting customers over multiple channels like email, phone, SMS and the Web can be challenging, especially when you have disjointed systems, manual processes, and tons of support cases, where time is of the essence.

Salesforce can help you route customer issue to the best person for the job, help your team quickly understand the situation at hand, respond to the customer with the right answer the first time and take action to resolve their issues.

Nowadays, customers want to get help in whatever way is most convenient for them. Regardless of how your customers want to reach out for help, all their support cases get routed into one place, and you can set up rules to determine who to route those requests to and how they should be prioritized.

As soon as your team member is done with one issue, the next one can be pushed to them, helping them solve more issues without spending time searching for the next task. Now that work is assigned to the right person, they need to understand the situation before the can truly help.

Salesforce can store all of your customer information in one place, making it easy for your teams to quickly get up to speed. They will see who the customers are and what issues they have in the past, what they have previously purchased, and what current deals are in flight, where they have been on your website and what help articles they have already read. What other team members have done or about to do, how much time they have left to exceed your customer’s expectations. And it is common to integrate information from other systems to Salesforce.

Your teams can see orders, invoices, inventory, shipments, log in information, whatever it is you want to track all in one place without having to look through a bunch of different apps. And because integration can be a two way street, your teams can take action here and have it update everywhere, seamlessly keeping all of your systems in sync. As soon as your reps have their bearings, they can use powerful tools to act quickly at scale. Like search for answers to common problems and send preapproved help articles to customers. Leverage automation rules so no customer feels forgotten about, and nothing slips between the cracks, reducing the burden of manual tasks. And walk through complex processes and less time with fewer mistakes.

We can even dispatch your team in the field, making sure they show up with everything they need to get the job done the first time. Not only will your agents have a smoother experience, but your managers can monitor your team’s performance in real time, and see where people need help. Follow trends and understand what parts of the process need to be improved and leverage powerful tools like chatbots and self-service communities so your customers can ask questions, find answers, help themselves and help each other, reducing the burden on your support team and providing a better on demand experience to customers.

There’s a lot you can do with Salesforce. That’s why we recommend you sign up for a free demo, contact us and begin to have fun with Salesforce Service Cloud.

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