5 Tips to Help You Implement Salesforce for Your Organization

5 Tips to Help You Implement Salesforce

1 Work with a trusted implementation partner


Because your Salesforce CRM will be a long-term investment in your company, working with a trusted implementation partner means having an expert on your side. There are a couple of things to consider.

  • If the partner is adequately qualified
  • Partner’s level of experience
  • If the Partner is easily accessible

2 Plan, Start small, and engage your Team


When putting in a new system, it’s critical to plan ahead. It’s also vital to keep your plan simple at first, as there’s a propensity to ‘over-plan’ and complicate your rollout.

3 Focus on key areas to gain the most ROI first


Business is all about making decisions that will provide the highest ROI. Applying the 20/80 Pareto’s rule, focus on areas to gain the most return on investment in your CRM deployment strategy.

4 Focus on reporting & insights


Consider your reporting requirements before you begin, as this would inform you about the data inputs & transformations you need.

5 Define your success measures upfront


It is crucial to define what success looks like – begin with the end in mind and trace the steps backwards. Define your immediate and long term success metrics (time/cost savings) and levers to achieve them.

CRM is, at the end of the day, about the journey – a path of progress and greater customer service.

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