Your Business Needs A CRM

Are you considering having a CRM but you’re not sure if your business is ready to make that investment decision – Here are 5 signs your organisation needs a CRM system:

1. You have no single customer data repository

Your sales and customer service agents are getting overwhelmed using spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes to collate, analyze and store customer data –which can’t be automatically accessible or consolidated, putting your team at a disadvantage.

2. Fragmented views of customers’ information.

Your customer information is in fragments, and you are mostly unaware about the true state of your sales pipeline and/or customer support actions.

3. When Reporting becomes difficult rather than simple.

You have an enthusiastic team but you notice so much time and energy is been lost on excel reporting when in fact you and your team should be generating sales and customer reports automatically and seamlessly.

4. Unavailability of valuable customer data.

It is increasingly difficult to follow up on clients/prospects because data from previous interactions can’t be tracked to inform decisions and interactions with customers and prospects. You find this happens especially when an employee is absent, on leave or has left your employ

5. Lack of Customer segmentation.

Your marketing campaigns struggle to take off as you find it difficult to segment and target prospects based on their industry, geography, stage of the buying process, and their value to your business.