Salesforce Service Cloud and its Benefits

Salesforce Service Cloud And Its Benefits

Salesforce Service Cloud includes features like Case Management Public Knowledge Base, Web-to-Case, Call Centre and much more.

It is designed to support your current, past, and future clients’ requests for assistance. Service Cloud helps you to retain your current customers, and boost your brand’s likability. It offers features like Public Knowledge Base, Web-to-Case, Call Centre, and Self-Service Portal.
Major benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud include:

1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

Findings from a Salesforce Customer Success Metrics Survey conducted among 7,000+ randomly selected customers indicated that there was a 32% increase in customer happiness as a result of their company’s adoption of Salesforce Service Cloud.

2. World-Class Service

Salesforce is the industry leader in CRM technology for 9 years consecutively! It should come as no surprise to users that Salesforce Service Cloud is highly rated. With Service Cloud, organizations can simplify their operations, decreasing issue response times, and substantially enhance customer satisfaction.

3. Customer Data Is Stored In A Single Application

Have all your customer data and interactions in one place eliminates digging through disjointed systems to resolve your case. Salesforce Service Cloud makes it easier and productive to use features like case management, multi-channels, connectivity with legacy systems, pre-built integrated AppExchange applications, knowledge base, routing and escalation and much more.

4. Harness The Powers Of One Console Application

Service Cloud, allows you to harness the power of all its features from one console application. This boosts agent productivity, increase ROI and customer satisfaction. It empowers agents with the tools and intelligence they need to provide personalized customer experiences.

5. Provide Support through Customer-Preferred Channels

Service Cloud, allows you to take advantage of multiple channels, you can engage your customers through their preferred channel, either via self-service, email, chat, SMS or Facebook Messenger.

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