Scenarios to Consider Resco for Salesforce

It was on a trip to California, after visiting a wine tour vineyard, that I first realized I was not afraid of heights but rather of depths. The most recent reminder was at the rope bridge on the tour of the famous show “Game of thrones” in Northern Ireland. One common frustration about sitting out parts of a tour in a remote place is the lack of internet connectivity. Only to realise that these frustrations are shared experiences.

For instance, there are occasions when a Salesforce mobile user performs jobs on-the-go in areas with poor or no connectivity. Whether it is in a secured environment, an underground cellar, remote location or a user is just moving fast between mobile cells. For such cases, to avoid frustration, it is necessary to be able to work offline, sometimes even for days or weeks without connection.

Even in developed countries, where Internet connectivity is generally perceived as very good, there are areas with poor 3G and 4G support. A weak connection causes slow performance, which can be even worse than no connection. Having the ability to work in offline mode protects users against interruptions, data loss, subpar performance, and the frustration it causes.

Many field users prefer working offline to working online – even when there is reliable connectivity available. This way, they do not have to worry about the “slow Internet”, data limits and can work with many records and heavy data seamlessly.

From the financial services industry, where wealth managers interact with their high-profile clients in remote estates and need to capture summary profile details offline, to humanitarian non-profit organizations, who are tracking displaced people and refugees escaping conflict zones, the similarity in technical needs are striking – ability to access, capture and process data regardless of internet connectivity.

Resco for Salesforce enables organizations to transform field processes with Salesforce data in disconnected situations. By saving time and eliminating frustration, users can focus on their mission effectively. Contact us to book a demo or know more about Resco for Salesforce.


Resco for Salesforce