How CRM is Helping Small Business

Technology has become an excellent tool for Small Businesses to thrive in highly competitive markets. Small Business effectiveness and efficiency are no longer measured solely by employee numbers and infrastructure.

With proper use of technology, small business owners have been able to transform their organizations and become more competitive among larger organizations while gaining significant market share in their sector.

By adopting a CRM system like Salesforce, small business owners can better plan, organize, and coordinate their organization’s activities, leveraging the opportunities previously reserved for large enterprises.

With a good CRM like Salesforce you can improve the way you relate with your customers and prospects and as well increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Here are a few ways CRM is helping small business operate effectively:


CRM allows you to do a lot more than just keep track of people’s names, addresses, and phone numbers. It gives you a full picture by allowing you to obtain insights from interactions on social media platforms. Customer contacts, internal account conversations, and account history are all tracked in one spot. So, if a client calls, any sales or customer service agent with access can quickly get up to speed on useful information.


Your Clients/Customers expect you to understand their organizational requirements better than they do. To do that you need adequate data that provides you with actionable intelligence you can access anywhere, at any time. Salesforce’ can provide you with gathered information about every account, allowing you to locate the appropriate prospects, make the correct presentation, and seal the deal.


When a customer makes a requests for a quotation or a phone call, a CRM solution allows you the ability to transfer the task to another employee without losing the needed details. This implies that anyone interacting with that customer at a particular time is always aware previous interactions. Business owners may also keep track of their own phone calls, meetings, and deadlines to ensure they don’t miss out on any possibilities.


Sales professionals may receive a more in-depth view of who their sales leads are and what interests them by connecting with social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Information shared on social media may provide important insight into a lead’s needs, which can help customize a sales approach.


With easy-to-build lead nurturing campaigns, you can also give each of your salespeople the ability to run their own micro-campaigns to engage and nurture their leads on the fly, improving response time, increasing personalization, and enhancing the capabilities of your sales team. Designed to send information only after a certain time period passes or a particular action is taken, lead nurturing campaigns can allow a sales rep to educate leads at a nearly infinite scale.

Grow your business by increasing close rates and improving pipeline. Enhance productivity with collaboration and customization. Drive innovation and scale quickly with industry leading products. SMBs already have an advantage over larger competitors. With Salesforce, the possibilities are endless.

With a CRM like Salesforce, small business are at an advantage, they can enhance productivity with collaboration and customization, drive innovation and scale quickly with industry leading products. With Salesforce, the possibilities are endless.

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