Ditch Spreadsheets and Connect All Your Processes With Salesforce


It is common for businesses to generate a ton of data and have their folks overwhelmed by spreadsheets. Salesforce Service Cloud helps you take all that information, organize it, and better understand it so your teams can make better decisions and take appropriate actions.

How? First, Salesforce brings all of your information into one place, giving your employees a complete 360 degree view of the customer. Your team can understand your customers’ history in recent interactions and quickly find all of the relevant sales, service, and marketing information without having to hunt through multiple systems. And because Salesforce is incredibly flexible, there are lots of different ways to get information into the system, like manually creating records directly in Salesforce as things come up from your desktop or your mobile device.

Uploading information en-mass from a spreadsheet, syncing with productivity app like Gmail or Outlook to automatically log emails and calendar events, or by directly integrating with other systems like QuickBooks or SAP to push and pull information between them in real time.

It doesn’t really matter how you choose to get information into Salesforce. Every record you share with Salesforce gets turbo charged with some great capabilities like field-level security and disaster recovery, ensuring that your critical information is never lost or leaked, yet still available to you, whether you are in the office or on a business trip. You can see it, edit it and collaborate on it.

And with the built-in search, you won’t have to scroll through a bunch of files and folders hoping to find what you are looking for. Just enter a keyword or a number and jump to the right record. Automation rules that you can configure on any type of record that automatically send email to create follow-up tasks and reminders ensures that your reps won’t have to post sticky notes all over their desks to remember something important. All of these records can show up in your reports and dashboards so you can slice and dice your data to your heart’s content.

Your managers won’t have to wait for monthly reports that are manually assembled and emailed from one person to the next. Instead, save everybody the hassle and pull accurate real-time reports directly from Salesforce whenever you want. These reports are point-and-click to create, so you don’t need to burden your IT department or get someone with a computer science degree to do it for you. Each and every one of your Salesforce users can independently build their own reports and find answers to their own questions. And if it’s a report that you want to keep an eye on, just add it to your dashboard and schedule it to run when you want it sent to you and your team.

With all of this in one place, Salesforce harnesses the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you cut through the noise with a suite of tools known as Einstein. Einstein crunches the numbers across all of your records, analyzes past behaviour, finds trends, and makes predictions, displaying them right where you are. Taking the guesswork out of things like which lead you should call next, what deals need attention, or where your team is likely to land at the end of the quarter.

There’s a lot you can do with Salesforce. That’s why we suggest you start now. Book a free demo with us, login and have fun.

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