Choose the Right CRM for Your Non-profit There are Several CRMs Available

Choose the right CRM for your non profit

Understanding the benefits each offer and the differences between them will assist you in selecting the best CRM one for your organisation. Some essential aspects to consider when you explore the CRM industry landscape include:

Understanding your requirements and priorities:

You should consider your goals and objectives, what are you willing to achieve? Is it to have more detailed participant records and improve segmentation, or is it to streamline your fundraising activities and programmes or enhance reporting? Defining your various requirements will assist you to determine and prioritize which CRM features are essential, which are nice-to-haves, and which are unnecessary.

Engage your potential internal users:

Define the team members that would need access to your CRM. Are there team members have technical capabilities, who are analytically savvy or enthused about CRM? What can your team bring to the table in terms of technical expertise? These can help you choose whether you need a sophisticated, bespoke solution or a simpler out-of-the-box approach.

Existing tools & system landscape:

The CRM of choice should, fit seamlessly into your technical landscape. With a bird eye view of your digital asset, you have to define which of your existing tools and platforms must be compatible with your CRM. For example, compatibility with your website CMS or your email marketing platform, social media accounts, and timesheet management system, to name a few.


The acquisition cost of most CRMs vary based on certain aspects like, the number of users and or features. You should carefully consider the initial and long-term costs – that is, the cost to acquire, configure, maintain, upgrade the system of your choice. For example,, through it’s Power of Us programme includes 10 donated Enterprise Edition licenses, deep discounts on additional licenses for non-profit organizations. Salesforce is highly configurable, it has an extensive experts and partners ecosystem, with the right implementation partner, you can optimize your return on investment.

Choosing the right CRM for your non-profit organization will set your organisation on the path to success. Contact us to learn more about whether Salesforce is the right CRM for you.

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